• It Feels Good (Sample)1:58
  • The Truth (Sample)1:51
  • Rain Rain (Sample)2:01
  • Chemistry (Sample)1:58
  • Yin Yang (Sample)1:55
  • Living in The Present (Sample)2:24
  • Wishing on a... (Sample)2:24
  • Too Much (Sample)2:24
  • Summerland (Sample)1:58
  • Alien Light (Sample)1:58


  • Troubled Road (Sample)6:41
  • Move On (Sample)6:41
  • Dirty Boy (Sample)6:41
  • After You (Sample)6:41

  • Everyday5:36
  • "The Price"4:59
  • Sunday Mood5:31
  • One (Sample)6:41
  • All I Need Is You (Sample)6:41
  • Only You (Sample)3:54
  • Imagination (Sample)6:41
  • Em Guerra (Sample)6:41
  • É Assim 6:41


    Karina Skye is a very versatile and eclectic artist. She has collaborated with producers from all around the United States, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Angola, South Africa and counting... From styles ranging from retro POP to Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Trance House and more, Karina is always excited to experiment and take on a new project with talented producers and partners.

     Karina Skye and DJ Satya's sets are an incredible journey through many EDM styles and live instrumentation. Don't miss the opportunity to catcth them LIVE. For bookings, contact Mackinley Pratt at bookings@karinaskye.com 

    "Skye has no limits!!!"

NEW RELEASE: 01/01/2017
NU F.E. Feat. Karina Skye

"Make You Dance" (Freestyle music)

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NEW VIDEO: "Make You Dance" NU F.E. feat Karina Skye

Karina Skye & Michael Zager POP ALBUM (2010) 

Karina Skye & DJ Satya LIVE @ EarthDance